One of PAL’s strengths is its focus on understanding not only the career ambitions but also the life plans of professionals like you, and proposing career steps that can make the best use of your skills, along with attractive positions at our client companies. Each consultant provides comprehensive support at a precise and personal level, from career counseling to joining the new company.

PAL’s motto is that each employee solves problems humbly and honestly as a team player. As professional recruiters, we approach our responsibilities with sincerity. We carefully interview each job seeker (candidate) and provide career advice. We strive to understand the entire profile of a candidate, including their industry value, experience, and personality.


The PAL consultant introduced me to a new career opportunity that I had never experienced before. I appreciated his guidance for opening up this new path in my career.
Mr. A, Real Estate, Hotel industry, 30s

I received thorough interview support, as well as assistance in preparing my resume, Rirekisho, and resignation from my previous company. Most importantly, the consultants spoke to me in a polite manner, provided information tailored to my situation, and gave me thoughtful and wonderful feedback.

Mr. B, Consulting industry, 20s

Service Lineup

Career Counseling
Our consultants conduct thorough assessments of candidates’ career experiences and future goals through face-to-face meetings or phone calls. This enables us to offer tailored advice for job changes and career advancement.

Position Proposal
Following career counseling, our consultants suggest suitable job opportunities that align with your experience and preferences.

Schedule Arrangement
Upon selecting a position to apply for, PAL manages the entire process, including introduction and adjustment of interview schedules. We also offer support for resume creation if needed.

Interview Support
PAL provides specific measures and support to prepare you for interviews with our clients.

We negotiate on your behalf regarding compensation and joining dates, ensuring your preferences are represented.

Resignation Advice
PAL offers advice and guidance for a successful resignation from your current position.

After you join your new company, PAL continues to provide support to ensure your successful integration.

In the healthcare sector, our external advisor, a specialist with deep knowledge and experience in healthcare, offers interviewing assistance and advice, if needed. This service is provided at no extra cost, similar to our other listed services.

Strength of PAL Support

Market Insight and Career Planning
Our consultants keep you informed about industry and recruitment trends, continually assessing your market value as a candidate. This knowledge serves as the foundation for a reliable and strategic career advancement plan.

Timely Opportunity Updates
We value long-term partnerships with our candidates, recognizing that mid-career and high-level recruitment can be sporadic and confidential. Our consultants maintain regular contact, promptly introducing you to optimal positions as they become available.

Personalized Career Development
Our consulting approach focuses on building strong relationships with each candidate. By maximizing our consulting services, we enhance your success in transitioning to new roles. Our process prevents information overload or tunnel vision, ensuring you remain aware of diverse opportunities in the market.

Access to Confidential Opportunities
Traditional job postings may not always reveal the most suitable roles for your career advancement. Our consultants manage a range of confidential positions that could be the perfect fit for your career goals. We actively introduce these private opportunities as part of our career advice. 

Ongoing Support
Our support extends beyond career counseling and the initial stages of your new job. We offer comprehensive assistance in a strictly confidential manner to ensure your continued success after joining a company.

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