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Healthcare Team (Pharmaceutical & Medical Devices)

Pedro Espada (Manager)  

Pedro majored in law and Japanese. After getting his lawyer’s license and gaining some experience in Europe he decided to move to Tokyo where he obtained the Japanese-Language Certification and joined PAL Healthcare team. His goal is to provide the best professional service using his language abilities and negotiation skills with honesty.

Simon Thompson (Sr. Consultant) 

Simon graduated in Business Administration and started his career in London, before moving to Japan in 2014. He joined PAL as a consultant in the healthcare team in 2018 after 2 years of experience in healthcare recruitment. He focuses mainly on commercial functions in the medical device and pharmaceutical industries. His goal is to provide companies with the best possible talent to help them grow their business, whilst giving professionals the right opportunities to help them reach their personal career aspirations.

Keith Tsuhako (Consultant) 

Keith was born to Japanese parents and educated in the States where he majored in Economics and Japanese. Keith started his career in one of America’s largest financial institutions before finding his passion for consulting in Japan. The diagnosis of a chronic illness changed his career path as a young adult. Consequently, he has made it a personal goal to support professionals drive development and innovation in the healthcare industry.

Daniel Malmqvist (Consultant)

Originally from Sweden, Daniel started out doing Sales and Customer Service. In 2015 he moved to Japan where he gained different work experience, Japanese language skills, and understanding of the Japanese working culture. The impact of helping professionals in their careers, meeting different people with different backgrounds, and learning more about the ever-evolving industry of Healthcare is what made him chose a career path in Recruitment with PAL K.K.

Mark White (Researcher)

Originally from Sunderland, UK, Mark graduated University with a Bachelors in Law as one of the top students in his cohort. In 2015 he decided to move to Japan to pursue a different career path. The constant life-changing breakthroughs and developments in the healthcare industry is what led him to a career in Recruitment with PAL K.K. His passion now lies in helping professionals from various backgrounds realize their potential by providing them with the opportunities to enhance their career to its fullest.

Suresh Arjun (Researcher)

Arjun was originally born and raised in Nagoya. He had the opportunity to grow up in both India and America. In 2017, he decided to move back to Japan to pursue a career, where he graduated with a Bachelors in Economics and Business studies. With his strong business, communication and analytic skills, Arjun started his career as a healthcare recruiter with PAL K.K. His goal now is to support professionals to strengthen their potential and boost their career at its finest.

Zhou Yanwen (Researcher)

Yanwen is originally from China and she came to Japan for study in 2016 to experience something new in her life. After finishing her bachelor study at Waseda University, she started her career in healthcare recruitment at PAL. She enjoyed recruiting because it allowed her to leverage her passion for supporting the most talented, diverse, and exceptional players in the market. She believes that in a space flooded with templates, it is important to be personal and genuine. She hopes to continue to provide dedicated service with her honest heart.

IT / Professional Service Team

Go Yamazaki (Consultant)   

Born and raised in San Francisco, California, he moved to Japan at the age of 11. After graduating from high school, Go moved to Washington for university to study Education. After his studies in the US, he returned to Japan to contribute to his roots in Japan and gain experience in a business that serves as a bridge between the US and Japan. He joined PAL in 2018 aiming to support the global recruitment activities of growing companies in Japan. He is currently focusing on the IT and consulting industries.

Jeff Brennan (Consultant)  

Born and raised in America – Jeff obtained a Bachelors of Science in Human Physiology, minoring in Electrical Engineering, from the University of Wyoming. With strong analytic and project management skills, Jeff started his career in recruitment consulting with PAL KK on the Healthcare recruitment team. Specializing in the Medical Device and BioScience industries, Jeff focuses on both contingent and retained search for mid-career and executive talent.

Colin Mitchell (Associate Consultant)

Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia (USA) – Colin graduated from Georgia State University with a bachelor’s degree in Economics and a minor in Japanese. With solid organizational skills, and by setting steep personal goals, Colin earned a good reputation as a recruiter in Atlanta with a Japanese-owned agency. Using experience from a wide variety of industries and personal programming projects, Colin can understand complex IT concepts and knows what it takes to find the most realistic match for IT client needs.

Hinrichsen Christian Starrett (Researcher)

Christian majored in International Studies. After getting his degree, he decided to launch his career in Japan in headhunting in the dynamic IT industry. He brings his passion for assisting the personal growth of others to help people achieve even their loftiest career goals.

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