PAL has a unique history as it was founded in Tokyo by a US entrepreneur in 2010. Since our establishment, we have actively embraced a multinational & diverse corporate culture, and as of 2020 over 80% of our employees are non-Japanese nationals.

We value a progressive corporate culture and always look for new talent to join our growing team. Our boutique size enables us to foster a close working team of professionals who live  in a culture built on support, inspiration, and celebrating results together.


PAL is now looking for BOTH experienced and inexperienced candidates for our internal positions. Please contact us if you are interested in knowing the more details of each position.


1) Title Associate: Researcher operation. Those who have experienced the recruiting process. Inexperienced candidates are also accepted

2) Title: Consultant: Those who have already experienced recruitment both in candidates and clients sides 




1) アソシエイト職:  リサーチ業務に携わって頂きます。リクルーティング業務のご経験者大歓迎です。未経験の方もトライ頂けます。 

2) コンサルタント 職: リクルーティング業界での経験があり、クライアント様及び候補者様のハンドリングに携わったご経験がある方。


Please contact us with your CV attached, if you are interested in applying to PAL 

Recruitment Team:

Please contact us for your career support